MRESC Aquatics & Fitness Center

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Inclement Weather Policy

In order to ensure the safety of our swimmers, it may be necessary to close the pools during inclement weather. In the event of a closure, Lifeguards will make the announcement to clear the pools, at which time, swimmers should exit promptly. When the storm passes, or thirty (30) minutes after the last thunder heard and/or lightning sighted, Lifeguards will announce when it is safe to re-enter the water. Please note, this policy has been created in alignment with the policies created by the NCAA, and the National Athletic Trainers Association.  

Any questions and/or concerns relating to this Inclement Weather Policy should be directed to the Site Director, Jeff Stair, at


MONDAY - FRIDAY:       7AM  -  9AM    
                                     3PM  -  8:30PM
SATURDAY:                   12PM - 6:30PM

Tuesday 6PM - 8:30PM Activity Pool reserved for SNAP Swim Program (details below)

  • Members 13 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult member to enter aquatics facility
  • Waiting times may occur when pools reach capacity

(Special Needs Aquatic Play) 
Activity Pool
6PM - 8:30PM
Children with special needs and their families are invited to enjoy the Activity Pool  
SNAP Details & Requirements:
  • FREE to all families with special needs
  • Participants unable to swim must be accompanied by a parent/guardian while in the pool 
  • Parent/guardian responsible for ensuring that all pool rules and regulations are followed
  • Lifeguards are on duty to ensure the safety of all participants and use whistles to communicate
  • Swimmers able to pass a swim test are able to utilize the Lap Pool with supervision

For more information regarding the aquatics facility programming please contact: 
Elaine Hausner

Aquatics Supervisor